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Real Estate


At Jovanovich*, Dege & Athmann, PA, our attorneys have the ability and experience to assist clients in a broad range of real estate issues, whether of a transactional nature, land use or development issues, financing, or litigation.
Our attorneys routinely advise clients in the following areas:
• Residential Purchase Agreements
• Mortgages and Foreclosure Issues
• Mechanic’s Liens
• Construction Disputes
• Options
• Project Financing (Bonding)
• Contracts for Deed
• Protective Covenants
• Common Interest Communities
• Commercial Purchase Agreements
• Subdivision
• Annexation
• Land Use Approvals (Variances, Conditional Use Permits)
• Easements
• Leases
• Property Line Disputes and Quiet Title Actions
• Eminent Domain (Condemnation) and Regulatory Takings
• Environmental Issues
We will use our expertise to guide you through the process and achieve your goals. Contact Jovanovich*, Dege & Athmann to speak with one of our experienced real estate law attorneys today.

* Thomas Jovanovich retired on 4/1/2021


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